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Welcome Home to Odyssey Coaching & Consulting. It has been said that life is a journey not a destination. And we couldn’t agree more with that statement. Yet, it is also an odyssey filled with adventures, achievements, and hardship, alike. We want to be a part of your odyssey and share your adventures, applaud your successes, and offer guidance and support along the rougher parts of the road.

AD/HD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a neurobiological, developmental condition with symptoms that span a lifetime. Its most recognizable symptoms are hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. Other symptoms are distractibility, procrastination, memory deficits, difficulty starting and completing tasks, impatience, forgetfulness, losing things, low frustration tolerance, mood fluctuations, a sense of underachievement, and often a deficit in social skills.

AD/HD coaching is a collaborative partnership between client and coach. Odyssey coaches are specifically trained to work with AD/HD clients and can help their clients understand the nature of AD/HD and its impact on their quality of life. AD/HD coaches help their clients create the supportive structures and skills necessary for highly functional and satisfying lives. Our coaches help a client develop strategies built on the client’s own unique talents and strengths. Coaching assists clients in functioning more effectively by staying focused, gaining clarity, dealing with obstacles, and addressing core issues like time management, organization, and self-esteem. For further information on AD/HD coaching and our coaches, browse our website or contact us at Odyssey Coaching.

The Legal Ear

More than 32.5 million Americans have hearing loss. Some eighty percent—over 25 million—do not seek treatment for up to 15 years. The incidence of hearing loss among licensed attorneys in the US is slightly more than 13%, or 148,000. For professionals, the failure to obtain assistance may have far reaching professional implications. As for the general senior population, the American Academy of Audiology estimates that more than 7 million aged persons suffer from some degree of hearing impairment. And, as this population ages into their 70s and beyond, the figure is expected to increase to more than 11 million members, accompanied by a worsening of symptoms.

  • Do you have problems hearing, especially in the presence of other conversations or extraneous background noise?
  • Are you missing parts of, or whole words, in a conversation that shade, or even change the meaning of the conversation?
  • Do you sometimes ‘bluff’ it and pretend to hear, by nodding your head in agreement when you haven’t a clue what’s being said?
  • Are you becoming more tentative in your work, perhaps more isolated in social settings?
  • Have you come to distrust your ability to hear accurately and become concerned that you may be answering the wrong question, exposing yourself to unnecessary embarrassment?

These are problems that can’t be ignored! But you are not alone! For help, contact us at The Legal Ear.